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Is your business growing the social media following it deserves? Take control of your social media presence, skyrocket your brand recognition online, and foster genuine customer relationships.

LRO Solutions can help companies of all sizes, from small startups and retailers to large multi-location companies, with their social media presence. Our social media experts will work with you to increase engagement, grow your followers, and provide a consistent brand image. 

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Trusted by Companies Like

Carleton University
The Bunker

Trusted by Companies Like

Carleton University
The Bunker
LRO Staffing

What Our Clients Have to Say

Matt WilliamsOwner, The Bunker

LRO solutions have been amazing to work with from the very start. Marketing and digital media was one of my biggest concerns when starting a new business. How can a small business like mine even compete? It turns out LRO Solutions was the answer! They turned one of my biggest fears into one of my greatest strengths. Look forward to working with them for years to come!

Andrew TilsonDirector of Sales, NTS Apollo

LRO Solutions brought the necessary combination of technical and marketing expertise to help move our company in the right direction. They saved us both time and money and allowed for a better way for us to acquire new leads.

Ron PalaczkaCEO, LRO Staffing

The LRO Solutions team were able to provide our company with an elevated, professional and strategic marketing strategy that directly increased our lead generation. I would highly recommend LRO Solutions if you are looking to improve your digital presence with the goal to grow your business.

Katye LandryOwner, KLD Designs

Working with Morgan and the team at LRO Solutions has been a breath of fresh air. They have provided professional, concise marketing strategies that are already showing amazing lead generation results. I will be continuing to work with them to increase my online presence and wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Brand Voice Development

Do you know what your brand voice is? Casual, professional, authoritative, edgy, optimistic, approachable, solemn, or entertaining? – we can assist you in establishing your brand voice and building a connection with your intended audience.

Establishing your brand voice, tone, and key positioning statements is vital because it allows us to develop a social media strategy informed by these components. It also helps our internal content developers formulate media assets per your brand’s voice.

Content Development

Social media has turned into a highly visual medium. Our team of designers and social media professionals will ensure that your brand’s social media content is consistent with your brand values and provides a great mix of professionalism, outstanding visuals, and authenticity.

As a part of our process, we’ll first perform a social audit, then develop a strategy suited for your specific audience and begin creating a content calendar and accompanying creative assets.

Social Media Support

If you’re not quite ready to hand over the keys to your social media channels, we have other options. In this case, we also offer consulting services to create a strategy and content calendar that your internal marketing team can execute.

We also offer an optional service to ideate and create creative media assets like images, videos, and copy.

Channel Management

Social media is a conversation, and that conversation has to provide value. Otherwise, your audience will tune out. Our social media managers stay on top of interactions with the social brand and encourage meaningful engagement.

Additionally, we use a variety of strategies to grow your audience and monitor useful analytics to inform our blueprint for success.

Social Media Paid Ads

Gone are the days when social media companies would give you unfettered access to your entire audience. Today’s social media is a pay-to-play landscape.

That’s why our social media buyers have extensive experience designing and buying social media ads that greatly amplify your brand’s reach through strategic advertising.

Why Choose LRO Solutions?

Onboarding Process

When you become a client, we perform a comprehensive onboarding process that asks the right questions. Our social media experts will work with you to uncover your business fundamentals, competitive differentiators, and brand voice.

But that’s just the start. We’ll use the onboarding process to help you and your organization understand what strategies and tactics we think will positively impact follower growth, engagement, and lead generation.

Dedicated Account Managers

At LRO Solutions, we carefully match our strategists to suit your industry’s unique needs and goals and social media marketing requirements. This ensures you have access to a team of top-notch social media digital marketing experts who will tirelessly promote your brand.

You can be sure that your dedicated account managers are always available to answer any questions and engage in meaningful discussions.

Custom Social Media Marketing

No company is the same, so it makes sense that your social media strategy is as unique as your business. Yes, our social media experts follow up-to-date best practices for each social media platform, but that doesn’t mean the strategy is cookie-cutter, far from it.

Our approach involves identifying your target audience and developing effective digital marketing plans that yield higher ROI. We leverage advanced analytics and data-tracking tools to fine-tune your social campaigns.

Let’s Work Together

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Delivering high-impact solutions to our clients means adapting our services to meet the needs of their business at every stage.

With LRO Solutions as your trusted partner, you’ll get access to a team of expert marketers, designers, copywriters, and strategists whose singular goal is to propel your brand and business forward.

We are proudly located in Ottawa, Canada. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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