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Investing in SEO pays dividends for years to come

Today’s Search Engine Optimization landscape can be confusing and increasingly challenging to navigate for any sized business. Google and Bing have increased the frequency of algorithmic updates making it difficult to keep up with SEO best practices to ensure your website’s rankings aren’t stagnating or dropping. That’s where the professional SEO experts at LRO Solutions can help. We’ve brought together experts on staff whose 20+ years of experience designing, pioneering, and executing SEO campaigns has led to consistently profitable client-centric results.

Why Invest in SEO?

Get More Leads

Our SEO strategy focuses on driving highly qualified traffic from potential customers already expressing an interest in your product or service. These types of warm leads are much easier to convert than those coming from other traffic sources.

Outrank Your Competitors

88% of searchers never look past the first page of search results, and the difference in traffic to your website between ranking #1 and #2 can be as high as 70%. That’s why even small positional gains can yield tremendous results in traffic, leads, and sales.

Build Brand Authority

Google craves authority. That’s why authoritative content, by expert and trusted authots, paired with a superior user experience, tends to rank better. This virtuous cycle of increasing authority will improve your brand’s credibility and image.

Ongoing Return on Investment

 At LRO Solutions, we’re here to guide and implement SEO strategies that will stand the test of time and get your business the long-term results it deserves. SEO is not a 6-month project, it’s an ongoing effort.

Our SEO Process



We'll get to know your businesses through in-depth questionnaires and meetings. We want to learn about your industry specifics, business goals, strengths, and weaknesses. We'll also develop a detailed psychographic profile of your existing and potential customers. This crucial step will ensure that our SEO services align with your goals and needs as a company.

Comprehensive SEO Audit

Before we can develop an SEO strategy for your business, we first have to understand the current state of affairs.

Competitor Analysis

Our SEO Experts in Ottawa will determine what your competitors are doing to outrank you. This analysis will help inform our SEO strategy explicitly designed to put you ahead of your competitors.

Search Intent Research

Keyword research is no longer sufficient. Our agency takes a different approach. We seek out searcher intent that gives us a unique perspective on what people are looking for. Based on this investigation, we develop a search intent strategy to find the low-hanging fruit along with higher-volume search intents that will take longer to rank your website.

Technical On-Site Optimization

Our SEO and web development teams will begin to prioritize and fix technical issues that may be affecting your website's rankings. Additionally, monitoring tools will be installed to help notify our team of future problems.

On-site Content Optimization

Our team will identify areas of your site that need copy and layout changes and upgrades. Even small changes can result in dramatic ranking changes. Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced copywriters and user experience specialists is the team you need to propel your rankings.

Content Development

The most successful SEO strategies are those developed around the cornerstone of high-quality, impactful, and targeted content.

Link Building

The days of building a great piece of content and hoping it will spread virally and garner links naturally are over. Our approach to link building is more realistic. We find and develop partners for your business that will lead to highly authoritative links, thus signalling that your business is to be trusted by a search engine like Google.

Measure, Analyze, and Iterate

Our team of Ottawa SEO experts uses the latest tools to keep track of your rankings. We analyze the data from these tools to see what is and isn't working. We then modify our customized SEO strategy accordingly, thus ensuring an iterative and successful approach.

Client Results

LRO Staffing is Ottawa’s premiere staffing agency. With clients in both the government and private sector, LRO Staffing has gained a well-deserved reputation for going above and beyond for both their clients and candidates. Unfortunately, this stellar reputation was not yet translating to the digital realm.


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