An Unparalleled Indoor Golf Experience.

Centrally located in the heart of The Glebe in Ottawa, The Bunker is a 4500-square-foot urban golf bar and watering hole. The venue boasts 7 custom and private oversized golf simulation bays powered by Trackman 4 Technology. Before opening in March 2022, The Bunker required a brand identity, website, and social media presence to drive awareness, showcase its leading technology, and launch with thought leadership.

A brand identity designed to pique the interest of consumers, differentiate from competitors and foster brand recognition.

The Bunker required a visual identity that would be easily recognizable and stand out within the vibrant Glebe community in Ottawa. Complete with the depiction of a golf flag and putter, the final logo creatively reflects their service offering and leverages a unique colour palette to communicate their modern approach.

Responsive Website Design

Online reservations are a major driver for the business and therefore required close attention. In order to streamline the booking process and develop a user-friendly experience, our team developed a responsive website with fluid navigation and a seamless booking system.

Impactful Social Media

Developing a social media strategy to foster brand awareness was critical for The Bunker during its first 6 months in business. By developing a unique social identity and launching a series of targeted advertising campaigns, their social presence and content marketing quickly built notable momentum and became a major lead generator for new customers.