Ottawa’s Trusted Tire & Rim Experts

Sipan Tires and Rims is Ottawa’s best place to buy wheels and tires. This local business, with a stellar reputation for excellent service and fair prices, has both a growing brand and growing ambitions.

With an aspiration to become one of Canada’s premiere Wheel and Tire retailers, Sipan Tires and Rims contracted LRO Solutions to develop and execute a brand-new digital marketing strategy to achieve that goal. The campaign involved a wholesale takeover of the brand’s online efforts. With the development of a new website for Sipan, we have driven thousands of new customers through ongoing social media, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing efforts. LRO Solutions has also invested heavily in a content-led SEO strategy that has significantly boosted local search engine rankings.

A Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

Our approach to this Ottawa-based retailer’s digital marketing campaign started atypically. The company had previously done the research to perform a deep psychographic analysis of its customer base and who it wanted to reach in the Ottawa region.

This research was the bedrock upon which LRO Solutions built out the rest of our digital marketing strategy. With a holistic approach, we developed cost-effective methods of driving new clients and shoring up existing channels for informing Sipan’s customers of new products, deals and promotions.

E-Commerce Integration to Drive Sales

With more and more customers asking to browse Sipan’s inventory of wheels and tires, LRO Solutions sought an integration partner that could fulfill Sipan’s unique e-commerce needs. The result is an integrated third-party store that allows customers to view wheels and tires on their make and model of vehicle and either leave a deposit for an in-store purchase or complete the entire e-commerce transaction.

Social Media Management

Sipan has a passionate base of customers. They come back year after year, but that base of customers was yearning for more information. Through the redevelopment and creation of Sipan’s social media channels, we’ve added a regular stream of helpful information and fun elements to Sipan’s social media presence. Additionally, we’ve redeveloped the channels into a way to push existing and new customers down the sales funnel, making them come into the shop.