A world-class Enterprise Resource Planning software company

NTS Apollo is a software company established in 1990 that develops and provides world-class Enterprise Resource Planning software. With years of refinement under their belt in manufacturing industries such as aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical and automotive, NTS wanted to expand to North America.

With a new geographic territory came new challenges, NTS Apollo wanted to avoid the typical costly enterprise client acquisition strategy by hiring sales staff, so it turned to LRO Solutions to help it design its digital marketing strategyto bring in new leads at a fraction of the cost.

A Refreshed Website to Foster Awarness

After considerable research, market, and competitive analysis, we recommended and executed a strategy that included a total redesign of the NTSApollo.com website on a more modern and client-friendly platform. The results are a current, sleek, mobile-friendly and easily updatable website and a massive saving in lead and client acquisition costs.

Digital Marketing

We developed a digital marketing campaign to bring new sales leads for NTS Apollo’s North American division in a cost-effective manner that utilized a variety of off-site content marketing and outreach strategies. The results; more website traffic, more qualified leads, and more clients.

Paid Ads Campaign

Enterprise Resource Planning software deployments and contracts are usually multi-year affairs meaning that the lifetime value of each client is relatively high. We performed an extensive keyword research campaign and implemented a far-reaching Google Adwords campaign. The ongoing paid ads campaign is now the company’s most cost-effective and potent sales lead channel.

What the Client Said…

“[LRO Solutions] brought the necessary combination of technical and marketing expertise to help move our company in the right direction. They saved us both time and money and allowed for a better way for us to acquire new leads.”

Andrew Tilston | Director of Sales & Marketing – North America | NTS Apollo