At LRO Staffing, Relationships Matter.

LRO Staffing is Ottawa’s premiere staffing agency. With clients in both the government and private sectors, LRO Staffing has gained a well-deserved reputation for going above and beyond for both its clients and candidates. Unfortunately, this stellar reputation was not yet translated to the digital realm.

As a result, LRO Staffing contracted LRO Solutions to work alongside their internal marketing team to lead an effort to create a wide-ranging brand refresh, website design, and digital marketing campaign to increase brand awareness in the Ottawa region. Additionally, we set a goal of establishing LRO Staffing as a leading local authority on matters of recruitment, hiring and employee management.

A Streamlined and Responsive Website to Improve User Experience

Redesigning LRO Staffing’s website involved 3 main goals; showcasing their sophisticated brand, highlighting job opportunities to candidates, and informing clients of their key differentiators.

The result was a responsive website that improved experience, increased resume submission volume, and improved the quality of leads for both clients and candidates to drive business.

A Comprehensive Set of Digital Marketing Strategies

There are many ways to approach any given online marketing effort. But unless that push is tailored specifically to the needs of any given organization, those efforts will likely miss the mark. That’s why our approach with LRO Staffing required first a review of existing and previous marketing efforts. Coupled with extensive demographic, keyword and local market research, we were able to develop a course of action for LRO Staffing that would utilize their unique proposition as Ottawa’s most trusted staffing agency across all of their digital marketing efforts.

What the Client Said…

“Morgan and the team were able to provide our company with an elevated, professional and strategic marketing strategy that directly increased our lead generation. I would highly recommend LRO Solutions if you are looking to improve your digital presence with the goal to grow your business.”

Ron Palaczka | CEO | LRO Staffing