Bringing a modern web presence to a multi-generational Oakville optometry clinic

Bronte Optometry is a well-known staple of the Oakville, Ontario community. Having served the local community for decades, their web presence and digital marketing strategy had grown outdated. LRO Solutions provided the knowledge, innovative design, and technical expertise to bring Bronte Optometry into the modern era with a thorough re-imagining of Bronte’s digital ecosystem.

Furthermore, the website was built using the highest SEO optimization standards and served as an ongoing digital marketing platform designed to generate brand awareness in the local community along with new leads.

Modern Web Design on an Open Platform

Bronte Optometry’s requirements were relatively simple. Transform their digital presence from something outdated to something both modern, functional and mobile-friendly.

This meant engaging the client to understand their primary patient demographics and an excellent understanding of what kind of brand voice and personality they wanted to project on their website.

Search Engine Optimization

Bronte Optometry is a well-established presence in the local online search market in Oakville, Ontario. So our first mission was to do no harm and ensure that a web design overhaul did not harm search engine rankings.

Next, we optimized the new Bronte Optometry website with improved content and technical structure to ensure all modern SEO best practices were being applied.

What the Client Said…

“Amazing Design. Very Modern and Beyond What I expected.”

Blake Marsden | Owner | Bronte Optometry