A Rapidly Growing Property Management Company Searching for More Leads

Bolld Real Estate Management is a leading Vancouver property management company specializing in residential property management services throughout the lower mainland and Whistler. The growing organization came to us with a problem. The brand needed to re-energize its online marketing presence in an effort to increase website traffic, generate leads, and continue to establish itself as a local thought leader.

After a thorough analysis of the local market, LRO Solutions developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy that leveraged the company’s strengths and blended a wide variety of content development tactics and distribution strategies to maximize the ROI on every piece of content produced.

Digital Strategy & SEO

Bolld Real Estate Management relies heavily on being at the top or near the top of search engine rankings for various keyword search intents. It’s how new prospects often find their business.

Our strategy was focused on SEO optimization of the current content and creating a specific and focused content calendar designed to increase search rankings for multiple silos of search intents around the services that Bolld provides.

Content Development & Distribution

Creating content is one thing. Creating content that connects with your target audience and is then amplified with a successful, efficient and timely distribution strategy is another. Through careful market analysis, we settled on an approach that used the company’s strengths to develop highly targeted content that told a meaningful story and further established trust in the company’s brand and services.

Additionally, our distribution strategy ensured that through various modern methods, including paid ads, the content was seen by those who needed to see it the most.