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Cost-Efficient Advertising Campaigns to Aquire New Customers

There’s a shortcut to the top results of any Google search query. The leading ad companies are rapidly expanding the real estate that paid ad spots take up for any search query. This new reality represents an opportunity for innovative companies to take advantage of what Pay Per Click advertising can offer. Our paid advertising management services are executed by Certified Google Ad experts and Facebook Certified Media Buying Professionals to ensure your ad spend results in the best ROI possible.

Why Invest in Paid Ad Campaigns?

Save Time

Working with our team of paid ads management experts, you can rest easy knowing that we’re dedicated to getting you the best results within your budget at all times.

Save Money

Our team will adjust and develop new campaigns that fit your budget and deliver on ROI, which is often 3:1 of your investment.

Get More Leads

We develop highly optimized paid ad campaigns and custom landing pages to drive sales and lower your CPA (cost per acquisition).

Get More Calls

We use highly advanced call tracking software, call reporting, and local listings to ensure that your ad dollars convert to phone calls.

Our Paid Ads Management Process



We'll get to know your businesses through in-depth questionnaires and meetings. We want to learn about your industry specifics, business goals, strengths, and weaknesses. We'll also develop a detailed psychographic profile of your existing and potential customers. This crucial step will ensure that our paid advertising services align with your business goals.

Comprehensive PPC Audit

If you’ve previously spent money on paid ad campaigns, our team will perform a detailed analysis of those campaigns and use that information to inform our strategy.

Keyword Research

We'll uncover the relevant search keywords that potential customers use to find your product or service and incorporate them into the creation of your ad campaigns.

Ad Campaign Setup

Next, our paid advertising specialists will set up your ad campaign(s) by choosing the right bidding strategies, writing compelling ad copy, creating supporting media, and developing high-converting landing pages.

Measure, Analyze, and Iterate

Our Ottawa-based team has been creating highly successful PPC campaigns for almost 20 years. With this experience comes a deep understanding of the need to measure and analyze the data from PPC campaigns. In this step, your campaigns will be continuously monitored and adjusted in an iterative process to discover the best-performing ads.


Set at regular intervals, we'll provide fully transparent and detailed reports aiming to provide information on the performance of your paid ad campaigns.

Client Results

Sipan Tires is one of the leading wheel and tire retailers in the Ottawa, Ontario region. Known for their superb customer service, coupled with unrivalled industry knowledge, Sipan’s strengths were leveraged and translated to their paid ads campaigns.


total sales conversions


conversion rate


increase in phone calls


decrease in cost of conversion


increase in website traffic


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