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Unlock Your Digital Potential with Local SEO Experts

LRO Solutions is one of Ottawa’s top SEO services companies. We know the local Ottawa SEO landscape and what it takes to outrank your local competitors in Canada’s capital.

We work with Ottawa businesses serious about growing their Google and Bing organic traffic. Our team of Ottawa SEO experts design and execute strategies that optimize your website for search engine visibility through a holistic method that incorporates our over 20 years of experience and includes three key pillars of SEO work.

No matter the size of your company, whether you’re in charge of a small local business or a part of a large corporation’s marketing team, we have the knowledge and understanding of the local Ottawa market to assist you in achieving your digital marketing goals.

Request a FREE SEO audit and increase your leads with qualified organic search traffic.

    Our Approach to SEO

    How We Increase Search Engine Rankings for Local Businesses

    While the world of SEO is going through upheavals due to the rise of AI and Large Language Models, organic search traffic from search engines like Google is still highly sought after for one reason. In many cases, that traffic is people searching with high commercial intent, i.e., searching for exactly what your company or service provides.


    The first step to a successful SEO strategy for any local Ottawa business is to get a better understanding of where their current website stands in the eye of search engines like Google. This is why we complete a comprehensive audit of your website and analyze things like:

    • Current rankings
    • Manual search engine penalties
    • On-page structure
    • Internal link structure
    • Incoming backlinks
    • Dozens of other factors that may be affecting your position and rankings.

    Keyword Intent Research

    Our digital marketing and SEO experts will discover every keyword related to your products or services and learn how difficult it is to rank highly for those keywords. We aim to devise and execute an overall strategy that will lead to page 1 rankings for the keywords with the highest intent to convert searchers into buyers of your product or service.

    Planning around the correct keyword search intents is one of the most crucial aspects of a well-rounded and profitable SEO strategy.

    Ottawa Competitor Analysis

    While Ottawa is known as the centre of the Canadian Federal Government with a prosperous technology sector, it’s also one of Canada’s most rapidly growing cities, now boasting over 1 million people. With growth comes more competition, and whether you’re a local property management company, an orthodontist, or a flower shop, it’s become increasingly challenging to stand out from your Ottawa competitors.

    That’s where we come in. Part of our Ottawa SEO effort is a complete analysis of your competitors that will help inform our SEO strategy and get you on the road to winning business from your competitors.

    On-Page SEO

    Our on-page SEO efforts focus on optimizing various visible and only visible to search engines elements of your website’s pages. We prioritize your content, header elements, internal link architecture and numerous other technical aspects.

    As one of Ottawa’s top SEO companies, our professionals have the experience and knowledge to optimize your website to current search engine optimization best practices and maintain as clean on-page SEO profile for your website.

    Off-Page SEO

    While backlinks are essential to a successful off-page SEO strategy, they’re not the only component. Any content representing your brand that does not live on your website can impact your SEO and subsequent search engine rankings. Google and other search engines use various off-page signals to help determine your website’s authority, relevance and trustworthiness.

    These off-page factors often aggregate and pay dividends into the future without further effort. A diversified off-page SEO strategy is what our Ottawa SEO experts excel at.

    Content Development

    Part of any healthy Ottawa SEO strategy involves building content that can rank highly for a keyword intent related to your business’s products or services. Combined with keyword intent research, our content writers have developed expertise in dozens of industries and the necessary skill set to create content for local Ottawa companies that dominate the rankings.

    What to Look for When Hiring an Ottawa SEO Company

    Picking the right SEO agency for your Ottawa business can be difficult. Where to start? What to look out for? What questions should you be asking? Consider the following:



    Many Ottawa SEO agencies claim they can get you results through their SEO marketing campaigns, but where's the proof? When considering hiring an SEO agency, asking for a list of previous client successes is essential. Look for case studies that demonstrate how the agency was able to move the needle for its clients.

    Experience in Your Industry

    Not every SEO company in Ottawa will have experience working in your industry. While that's ok, if the company has experience working in your vertical, implementing SEO strategies is likely to go faster and have a higher chance of success.


    Since the beginning of Search Engines and Web Directories on the Internet, marketers have been trying to understand and game the algorithms to get ahead of their competitors in the search rankings. Increasingly, agencies that use black-hat and grey-hat SEO methods have seen their clients' search engine rankings get devastated. At LRO Solutions, we only use SEO methods that are both effective and not subject to algorithmic penalties.

    Realistic Promises

    The SEO industry and related marketing agencies are littered with a history of overpromising and underdelivering. Be wary of any promises that include:
    - Quick success
    - Guaranteed rankings
    - Guaranteed #1 positions

    Agencies that perform SEO in a manner built to last will tell you that SEO is a long-term effort and, in most cases, an ongoing investment.


    Client Reviews

    Can the Ottawa SEO company you are considering have a list of authentic client testimonials and reviews? Still not sure? Call them and see if they'll pass on their experience with the agency you're considering hiring.


    When it comes to SEO, nearly every industry and vertical in Ottawa is now a highly competitive landscape. As a result, companies of all sizes have had to raise their SEO budgets. And while companies offer SEO services in all sizes, it's important not to pick the cheapest one. In most SEO service scenarios, you get what you pay for.

    What We Can Do For Your Ottawa Business

    Reduce the Cost of Acquiring Customers

    Acquiring a customer can be very expensive in some industries. Some companies spend hundreds of dollars on paid acquisition of just one lead or customer. That’s why good SEO is so highly sought after.

    SEO can dramatically reduce the cost of customer acquisition for several reasons, the most important of which is that it captures a potential customer at or near the bottom of the sales funnel. The customer’s intent to purchase your product or service is already very high, making them much easier to convert than those higher up the sales funnel.

    Build Brand Authority

    While brand authority is related to website authority, it’s not necessarily the same thing. Brand authority can be expressed and sent as a ranking signal through many other third-party places on the Internet.

    Our SEO efforts focus on establishing your Ottawa business as a local authority in the topics related to your product or service and, more broadly, within your industry. We do this through a variety of strategic endeavours and tactics.

    Outrank Your Competitors

    Today’s SEO landscape is a rapidly shifting web of quicksand. With the advent of AI answers beginning to appear in search engine results, the future of the “10 blue links” – is uncertain.

    At LRO Solutions, we stay on top of the latest changes to the web search landscape, devising and implementing SEO tactics that will help you outrank your local, regional, and national competitors. We’ve worked with dozens of Ottawa-based clients to help them appear near or at the top of search engine ranking pages.

    Our SEO Results for Ottawa Clients

    As they say, results speak for themselves. Here’s just a small sampling of clients whose organic traffic from search engines began to rise shortly after starting to work with us.

    SEO results for Ottawa client
    SEO results for Ottawa Client 2

    Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

    How much do Ottawa SEO services cost?

    Every Ottawa digital marketing agency charges slightly differently. While some offer rigid and tiered packages with a limited set of work done under each package, we tend not to limit ourselves and, as a result, limit the possibilities of doing great SEO work.

    Our SEO service costs are based on a few factors, including how competitive your industry is, how difficult we believe it will be to rank highly for your desired keywords, and what we believe to be a realistic but effective strategy. Most clients retain our SEO services through a monthly retainer that allows us to execute and iterate on SEO strategies for them continually.

    Why should I choose a local Ottawa company to work with?

    Choosing a local marketing agency that specializes in local SEO is often the best choice. This is because we live and breathe the market we’re in, and we love working in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. We have roots here and are wholly committed to seeing Ottawa brands and businesses grow and thrive to help make Ottawa a world-class city.

    We also have access to local resources and influencers that can bring their expertise and knowledge of the Ottawa market as opposed to larger, more nationally focused agencies who often lack access to those vital resources and components of an excellent local SEO strategy.

    How long does it take to see results from an investment in SEO?

    The true answer is that it depends. Because of the hundreds if not thousands of potential factors impacting your website’s SEO, some results can appear within weeks. At the same time, other more involved SEO strategies can play out over many months or years, depending on the size of your business, the scope of products and services you offer, and how highly competitive your industry is from an SEO perspective.

    What metrics define SEO success?

    While search impressions and organic clicks from search engines are just two measuring sticks we like to use, at the end of the day, your business cares about leads and customers. Is the organic traffic we drive to your website through our SEO work converting to customers? That’s ultimately what any good SEO effort should worry about.

    What happens if I stop doing SEO?

    While your search engine rankings may not stop climbing or change much for a while, within a few months, they are likely to begin dropping as algorithmic changes in the major search engines take hold. Google alone is now responsible for dozens of algorithm changes each year. Each time your website may be impacted.

    This is part of why we recommend that our clients keep us on retainer for the long term so that we can monitor these changes and adjust our SEO tactics for your business accordingly to ensure we are retaining or improving your current rankings.

    Learn More About SEO

    Our Ottawa SEO team regularly publishes articles about the art and science of SEO on our blog.